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Create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically

FARO Connect is a powerful software solution to process and manage the Elios 3’s LiDAR data. Powered by the world’s leading SLAM algorithm, FARO Connect converts data from the Elios 3 into highly accurate point clouds and provides a range of SLAM presets, optimized for the most common data capture scenarios of the Elios 3. In this training, learn everything from best flight practices to processing and registration of your point cloud data.

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FARO Connect Training

Training details

Format: Online

Level: Advanced

Participants: 1 login

Duration: 1 day

Theory: 70%

Practice: 30%

Price: 1500 CHF

Course overview


The FARO Connect Training is intended for pilots and operators who have previously completed the Introductory Training in person or online.

For this training you will need FARO Connect installed on your computer with a valid license.


This training is divided in 6 theory modules:

  • Best practices to get the highest accuracy map
  • Data processing
  • Flyability process SLAM
  • Flyability advanced processing
  • Manual alignment and merging
  • Automatic georeferencing and alignment


You will have a couple of Elios 3 dataset with some exercises between modules.

After some modules we also recommend that you fly your Eliso 3 and try to process your flight directly.


  • Good understanding on how to fly Elios 3 for the best mapping
  • Good understanding on how to process a flight in FARO Connect
  • Tips and tricks on how to fly the drone
  • Quizz to validate your knowledge

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